NextPhase™ Group

Maintain your Open Access account as a member of the NextPhase™ Group

What is the NextPhase™?

The NextPhase™ members stay on with Open Access after leaving their current employer. Our plan members can choose to stay with us for life.

Review the NextPhase™ Group Member Booklet (PDF)

Becoming a NextPhase™ Member

Continue to benefit from all the features you have come to expect as an Open Access plan member. By joining the NextPhase™ Group plan, you will continue to receive professional investment management on a fiduciary basis, competitive fees and retirement planning support.

Step 1

Review the NextPhase™ group member complete brochure (PDF)

Click here to access the brochure

This is a complete and comprehensive overview of our NextPhase™ Group program detailing everything you need to know about investing with Open Access.

Step 2

If interested in consolidating your personal investment assets with Open Access (Fillable PDF)

Click here to access the PDF form

Did you know you can consolidate your other assets under our NextPhase™ Group program? This includes RRSPs, Spousal RRSPs, TFSAs, LIRAs, RRIFs and Non-Registered accounts.
You can email the completed form to
Alternatively, your may fax them to:
(416) 955-4878 / 1 (866) 955-4878