Preferred Client Group

Maintain your Open Access account as a member of the Preferred Client Group

What is a Preferred Client?

A Preferred Client stays on with Open Access after leaving their current employer. Our plan members can choose to stay with us for life.

Becoming a Preferred Client

Continue to benefit from all the features you have come to expect as an Open Access plan member. By joining the Preferred Client Group, you will continue to receive professional investment management on a fiduciary basis, competitive fees and retirement planning support.

If you wish to expedite the process, please submit the application forms listed here.

Step 1

Review the Preferred Client Group Member Booklet (PDF)

Step 2

Complete a locking-in addendum agreement based on your company’s province.

Click here to access addendum agreement

DCPP members are required to transfer into a locked-in account. Please fill out an addendum form based on the province that your company is located in.

Complete the Individual Retirement Savings Plan Application form (Fillable PDF)

Click here to access form

This sets up your Preferred Client plan as an individual RRSP account.

Complete the Investor Profile Update form (Fillable PDF)

Click here to access form

This allows our investment team to capture any changes that may have happened to your risk tolerance and/or personal circumstances. We recommend you retake this questionnaire annually.

Step 3

Return all completed forms to Open Access

You can email the completed forms to

Alternatively, you may fax them to

(416) 955 – 4878 / 1 (866) 955 – 4878

Note that you can also consolidate your assets with Open Access by filling the Transfer Authorization for Registered Investments (Fillable PDF)

Click here to access form